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The intent of this blog is to share news and thoughts on levers to help decarbonizing the commercial aviation. You’ll find regular aero post releases & focus on few generic topics with applications to aeronautics. After each post, a section is dedicated to share comments, ask questions and suggest a topic to be investigated.

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We attach ourselves to tie our communication & opinions sharing to facts and sourced data. Our priority is to ensure  transparent & verifiable opinions. Debate is open and encouraged but needs to be correlated to sourced data.

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About Us

Captain Carbon is a blog launched by FlightWatching, a French company with expertise on aircraft embarked data treatment (monitor aircraft systems, detect early sign of deterioration & predict failures.). FlightWatching is willing to take its part within the transition toward lower carbon emission in the aerospace industry. New scope of services are currently being developed to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.